Modern technologies in arthroscopic surgery, orthopedics and rehabilitation
Milenin Oleg / PhD, National Delegate of SECEC-ESSSE, Moscow, Russia.

Ratiev Andrey / MD, Professor, Moscow, Russia / Features and technique of elbow arthroplasty.

Jean Grimberg / MD, Paris, France / Lecture: Experience, indications and history of shoulder joint arthroplasty.

Belyak Evgeny / PhD, Moscow, Russia / Thoracic outlet syndrome: clinic, diagnostics and possibilities of endoscopic surgery.

Tamazyan Vartan / PhD, Moscow, Russia / Double 360° lasso-loop for tenodesis of the long head of the biceps/

Rahmankulov Eduard / PhD, Ufa, Russia / Different methods of tenodesis of the long head of the biceps in patients with isolated and combined pathology of the shoulder.

Andreas B. Imhoff / Professor, Munich, Germany / AC-joint instability.

Lazko Fedor / MD, Professor, Moscow, Russia / Solutions of treating Horizontal AC-joint instability.

Korolev Andrey / MD, Professor, Moscow, Russia / Technique and features of treatment of the "frozen shoulder".

Kopylov Abdrey / PhD, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia / Technique, results and prospects of BLS Technologies.

Jean Kany / Toulouse, France / Bankart does not work – why I stopped doing it.

Orletsky Anatoliy / MD, Professor, Moscow, Russia / Our approach to Latarjet procedure in athletes. Minimally invasive or arthroscopic? Our point of view of the problem and methods of fixation.

Pupynin Dmitriy / Orenburg, Russia / Experience and prospects of using ribbons and buttons for arthroscopic Latarjet procedure.

Paolo Paladini / MD, Cattolica, Italy / Tips and tricks in mini-invasive Latarjet procedure.

Jean Grimberg / MD, Paris, France / My experience of using arthroscopic Kovalchuk procedure for posterior shoulder instability.

Ilyin Dmitry / PhD, Moscow, Russia / Our approach to the treatment of posterior instability of the shoulder joint.

Bruno Toussaint / Annecy, France / Tips and tricks in rotator cuff surgery.

Vetoshkin Alexander / PhD, St. Petersburg, Russia / Clinical and biomechanical approach to rotator cuff suture architecture.

Kolmakov Denis / PhD, Moscow, Russia / BAR-technique. Prospects for the application of the method for patients with irreparable rotator cuff tears.

Simogaev Roman / Novosibirsk, Russia / Revision suture of the rotator cuff tear – to suture or to replace.

Gladkov Roman, / PhD, St-Petersburg, Russia / Endoscopic transosseous rotator cuff suture. Experience and prospects.

Jean Kany / Toulouse, France / History, evolution and development of muscle transfer techniques.

Jean Grimberg / MD, Paris, France / Biomechanics, diagnosis and arthroscopic treatment.

Dokolin Sergey / MD, St-Petersburg, Russia / Latissimus Dorsi and Teres Major Muscle transfer – the present and the future.

Live Surgery
Shoulder joint instability.

Live Surgery
Rotator cuff tear.

Kalyuzhin Oleg, MD, Moscow, Russia / How to depress degenerative changes in the joints? The immunologist answers.

Live Surgery
Knee instability.

Maksim Makarov / PhD, Moscow, Russia / Arthroscopic synovectomy in difficult cases in the treatment of pigmented villonodular synovitis in the knee. Features of the surgical technique of synovectomy in posterior knee compartment.

Prokofiev Seregey / Moscow, Russia / Subschondral decompression for treatment of osteoarthritis. Our experience.

Lychagin Alexey / MD, Moscow, Russia / Our experience in use of autologous chondrospheres: indications, surgery and results.

Rozankov Andrey / Yaroslavl, Russia / My concept of pathogenesis and treatment of patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Shmelkov Andrey / Samara, Russia / Derotation osteotomy of the femur in patients with patellar instability.

Kuznetsov Igor / MD, Professor, St. Petersburg, Russia / Tibial tuberosity transposition in various pathologies of patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Nayda Daria / PhD, Moscow, Russia / Trochleoplasty – past, present, future. A combination of methods.

Zaitsev Ruslan / PhD, Togliatti, Russia / Borderline conditions in meniscal root refixation in the treatment of comorbidity with knee joint instability and application limits.

Tokareva Alisa / Moscow, Russia / Meniscal stitch – our limits. To stich or not to stich.

Lasishvili Guram / MD, Professor, Moscow, Russia / The history of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Anton Hapilin / Moscow, Russia / Long-term observations of patients with rupture of the ACL after its recovery and lack of surgical treatment.

Lychagin Alexey / MD, Moscow, Russia / Prospects of the use of bioresorbable material in knee ligaments' reconstruction.

Zalavin Vladimir / Chelyabinsk, Russia / Primary ACL reconstruction. My technique.

Ahpashev Alexander / PhD, Moscow, Russia / Different grafts for ACL reconstruction. Pearls and pitfalls.

Korolev Andrey / MD, Professor, Moscow, Russia / Our technique and tactics in revision ACL reconstruction.

Alekperov Alexander / Novosibirsk, Russia / Experience in revision anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Glazkov Yuriy / PhD, Moscow, Russia / ACL reconstruction in active patients. Features of fixation and rehabilitation.

Goncharov Evgeniy / PhD, Moscow, Russia / The risk of complications and their prevention depending on the choice of graft in ACL reconstruction.

Zalavin Vladimir / Chelyabinsk, Russia / Technical features and results of combined ACL reconstruction with reinsertion of the torn ligament stump.

Radysh Ivan / Moscow, Russia / Primary posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Pearls and pitfalls.

Timchenko Dmitriy / PhD, Moscow, Russia / Revision posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Experience and technical features.

Tudarkina Irina / PhD, Kazan, Russia / Ultrasound imaging of functional dynamic tests shoulder joint evaluation.

Saltzkova Victoria / MD, Professor, Moscow, Russia / Ultrasound examination of the elbow joint area — visualization of peripheral nerves to ensure the surgery.

Milenin Oleg / PhD, National Delegate of SECEC-ESSSE, Moscow, Russia.